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Seven New Recruits for the Jihad

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Apr. 10th, 2005 | 02:43 am

((The greatness that is the Unitarian Jihad is here, stolen from tyellas and elenbarathi))

Well, It being a sunday morning and all the sinners in Church the boys of the Hacienda get some downtime in which to discuss the burning issues of the day:

Maedhros: I'd like to be Brother Hell-Wrought Manacle of Rational Contemplation.

Patch: Can I be Brother Dirty Bomb of Neo-Platonic Harmony?

Patch: Well I am a swarthy Mediterranean in a leather jacket. People expect me to sound somewhat perverse.

Kiki: *Swatting Patch on the shoulder and giving him a dead arm* Only if I get to be Sister Carpet Bomb of... of... Sister Carpet Bomb of Tasteful Small Pink Flowers.

Maedhros: I don't think Tasteful Small Pink Flowers really shows a commitment to Unitarian Principles, Kiki.

Kiki: *Glaring* Nonsense, we should be encouraging carpets to have tasteful small floral designs. They're so much less invasive than bold prints.

Deedee: Maybe you should put it to the committee?

Maedhros: Alright everyone, show of hands, can Kiki join the cause as Sister Carpet Bomb of Tasteful Pink Flowers, alright, motion carried 4-2 with one abstention.

Kit: Brother Twelvepenny Dagger of Reflective Sobriety reporting for duty, sir.

Maedhros: Sir?

Kit: I mean, facilitator of actions in which we are all equals, Mephisto.

Treacle: Should I be Brother Darkwood Crossbow of Non-Violent Opposition or Brother Black Iron Broadsword of Pantheistic Consciousness?

Maedhros: The former. I don't think we should link our participation in this Jihad to individual belief systems.

Deedee: Let me think of something - Sister Anthrax Baccillus of Universal Regard

Patch: I object, surely we hold all living forms as sacred parts of the tapestry of creation and therefore should not be regarding bacteria as inherently negative in themselves?

All: *Tut at Deedee who looks embarrassed*

Deedee: I was just trying to go for something that reflected my medical training.

Snowball: How about Sister Cyanide Gas of Postitive Re-enforcement?

Deedee: Very well, if I'm not untowardly prejudicing cyanide molecules.

Snowball: *Looks around* Very well, another excellent idea put forward by me. I shall be joining the cause as Brother Aveda Kedavera of Humility in the Face of Dissent.

Kiki: You're showing your roots blondie.

Maedhros: Reprimanded Sister Carpet Bomb of Tasteful Pink Flowers. You shall form the after committee refreshments sub-committee.

Kiki: *Sulks*

You can get your name here. Or join up at unitarian_jihad

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citizen tipu

(no subject)

from: applegnat
date: Apr. 10th, 2005 10:43 am (UTC)

*splits something laughing*

Oh noes, muses, you are a madhouse at club_hacienda. Quick, someone, distact Kiki from the carpet!

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(no subject)

from: feyrain
date: Apr. 10th, 2005 08:11 pm (UTC)

OMG is it true? The Unitarian Jihad community? Are those people joking?!

Love Sister Carpet Bomb of Tasteful Pink Flowers by the way. ^^

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