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The Boys of the Hacienda Bitch Back.

We Shall Build the Hacienda

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Club Hacienda, 97W 38th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) Opposite Mario's Pizza.

Being a very discreet establishment that offers the full range of services including costumes, role play, TV, fully equipped dungeon, amputee fetishists, medical fantasies, sub/dom, tops and bottoms available. We will make your dreams come true.

If M/M sex or foul language is likely to offend or you are under the legal age to hear of such activities please keep out.

Also, this is total crack.

This is a journal kept by the workers, their friends and lovers.

The Staff: Red (Michael Karenin Smithsson), Duty Manager and acting Den Mama to the club's employees. Ex-Soldier, assumed to be of Eastern European or Russian origin. Lost his right hand and most of his family in the civil war back home. Likes hot baths, over processed foods, and gardening. Muse to Kit.

Patch: Curly Haired eldest son of a greek immigrant family. Involved in a tragic accident as a child resulting in the death of his best friend, and has been in and out of juvenile correctional facilities ever since. Partner of Kiki, reads paperback 20th Century fiction, wears a distressed black leather jacket, aspires to owning the hottest music venue in town.

The Loves: Kit Marlowe: Twenty-three year old English wannabe playwright in the pay of some very dodgy people. Born three weeks prematurely in the ladies toilets of Fenwick's department store, Canterbury. Raised on welfare in his early childhood and temporarily placed on the children at risk register following a violent incident involving his father. Won a scholarship to Corpus Christi College Cambridge, where he is currently supposed to be taking an MA. Lover of Red, books and smoking.

Kiki: Met Patch at Cheron Correctional Institute, Michagan. Joined the US army when old enough to enlist, currently avoiding call up by pretending to be a girl. Fathered an illigitimate son while at Cheron, also presumably on the run from child support agencies. Believes her and Pach will rise to great things. Likes: Cherry Pink Lipgloss, McDonalds milkshake, her pet Tortiose Katsue.

The Others: Deedee (Dr. Darthaduliel) Shoplifter extraordinare and provider of cheap, stolen goods and medical attention to the workers. Qualified as a Doctor in 1894, has difficulty finding paid work on such dubious accreditation. Curently writing a research thesis on alternative therapies thereputic effects on sex workers. Partner of Treacle, they can be seen entertaining the crowds in Union Square Park on Sunday afternoons. Treacle shoots arrows at her.

Treacle: (St Tecia of Archenfield) Blind healer, made a Celtic Saint in 520AD. Lost his sight after being taken captive and used for experiments with snake venom. Previous to that was a metal worker with three daughters, all of whom are believed to have died in the war. Partner of Deedee.

Snowball: Aristocratic English clipper who sleeps in the club's store room. Origins completely unknown, brought to the club by Deedee after being attacked by a mystery assailant. Can disappear at will. Blonde and precious, he seems to be attatched to no-one.